Got A Cure For A Hangover?

I am not a big drinker, but I do know how it feels the day after if I have consumed too much alcohol.  Can any of you relate?  It is normally not a fun day, and it takes a longer amount of time to recover depending on your age, body type, etc.

Usually if I hydrate enough, I am OK the next day.  I know my limits.  If I have had 5 drinks…it will take 5 hours for the alcohol to leave my body.  And drinking enough water will help.  But there are different methods, and some are unusual, from around the country that I wondered if you would ever try?  Readers Digest found a few…would you try any of these?

• A glass of juice from either sour pickles or sauerkraut. A favorite in Poland to help quell headaches and alleviate discomfort.

• Umeboshi. The go-to hangover cure in Japan. Umboshi is salty pickled plums which supposedly improve liver function and help aid in digestion.

• Milk Thistle. The Brits love this. Several studies have proven that taking this pill erases any discomfort.

• Canada Dry Ginger Ale. Yes, the Canadians turn to ginger ale to settle an upset stomach. The most likely help for a hangover, ginger, is missing from the ingredients, though.

• The Bloody Mary. God Bless the USA! This is our hangover cure. The tomato juice contains high concentrations of lycopene and celery has restorative vitamins that help ease the pain. Oh, and then there’s the liquor.

Bottom line…if you want to avoid a hangover, have a meal with your drinks, balance the cocktails with a glass of water per drink, and you should be fine.  Drink in moderation.  I am Tim Thomas, and I am here to help!  🙂