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Big John’s Life in Headphones

Let’s Make Some S’Mores!

So It’s S’Mores Day!   Is there any better treat around a camp fire?  I don’t think so!  But sometimes it’s okay to spice things up a little bit.  Here are a few variations to […]

End of School Year Party?

Most school years go out with a bang: There are end-of-year concerts, field days, school-wide picnics, and all sorts of other pomp and circumstance. This year, it’s going out with a barely more than a whimper—a teacher […]

Tim Thomas Blog

I Thought Turkey’s Could Fly!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!  A wonderful holiday where many of us give thanks and spend it with family, friends, loved ones etc.  If you work in radio…one thing comes to mind.  WKRP! Anyone who works in […]

CMA Awards Predictions!

Anyone else looking forward to the CMA’s tomorrow night? Me too! It is always country music’s night to shine.  Lots of live performances, collaborations, and all of the fashions.  It was always fun to see […]

Holiday Superfoods!

With Thanksgiving approaching, many of us will be dining on turkey and having a decent feast.  And it is OK to do so.  Why? Because so many of the foods we consume for the holidays […]

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