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Big John’s Life in Headphones

Let’s Make Some S’Mores!

So It’s S’Mores Day!   Is there any better treat around a camp fire?  I don’t think so!  But sometimes it’s okay to spice things up a little bit.  Here are a few variations to […]

End of School Year Party?

Most school years go out with a bang: There are end-of-year concerts, field days, school-wide picnics, and all sorts of other pomp and circumstance. This year, it’s going out with a barely more than a whimper—a teacher […]

Tim Thomas Blog

Toy Hall Of Fame Finalists

The nominees for the Toy Hall of Fame 2020 have been announced.  Depending on your age, you may or may not have played with any of them as a kid.  And truthfully, a few of […]

Thank You Lucky Charms!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Cereal is often a good and simple choice to get something in your stomach to get you going.  Lucky Charms has been one of the most […]

Hide Your Beer!

While we are still getting some sunny skies and warm weather, perhaps you like to chill on your porch or deck, and enjoy a cold beer.  Perhaps at a family gathering.  Well, watch where you […]

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