WW II Veterans Remains Headed Back To Marion

A Grant County World War Two veteran will return home next month…76-years after he was died in action in the South Pacific.

U-S Marine Fred Freet was killed in November of 1943 on the island of Tarawa.  But his remains were not found and positively identified until August of last year.  Military officials then located his next of kin, which was his nephew…Bill Freet of Marion.

Bill Freet was shocked to get the call, but relieved as well.

Freet has spent the past few months coordinating arrangements to have his uncle’s remains brought back for burial at the Marion National Cemetery.  The funeral service and burial for Fred Freet will be held with full military honors on April 18th.

Bill Freet says it’s a great relief that his uncle’s body can be returned to Indiana.  He only wishes his uncle’s parents and brothers could have been on hand for the ceremonies.