Our Latest Family Activity.

So if you’ve ever listened to me, or talked to me for a short amount of time you know that I love Las Vegas.  It is one of my favorite places in the world.  I’d go every month if I could afford it.  I have only been twice, but we are making plans to return soon.  I love the glitz and glamour.  Everything is amazing.  From the restaurants to the casinos…everything is larger than life.  And I was surprised how much I love Cirque Du Soleil.

Our first trip to Vegas I planned out tons of things that I wanted to do.  Those plans got a little messed up by travel troubles…maybe some time I will have to blog about that.  But one thing my wife demanded was that we go to a Cirque show.  And I get to choose.

The one I chose was Zumanity.  This was a 21 over show, because of the adult content.  And it was amazing.  After that we decided that every time we go to Vegas we were going to go to a Cirque show.

Trip 2 to Vegas included a Cirque show as well.  This time my wife chose.  It was Love, featuring the music of The Beatles.  Let me just say it was even more incredible.

Well in the past weeks during our lock down, my wife and I have been talking about when we can go back to one of our favorite places.  That lead to us talking about Cirque Du Soleil in front of the kids.  So they were asking about it.  It is a little hard to explain, so we tried to find some YouTube videos.  Well, in our search my wife came across the Cirque website, that has now opened up some 60 minute clips highlighting 3 shows in each episode.  So we decided to fire one up.  And the kids loved it.

Since then we haven’t had time to watch more of the episodes, but the kids are asking.  Just a way we’ve found to kill some time, if you are all out of things to watch on Netflix, check the link out below!