Thank You Jim Davis! For Garfield!

On this day in 1978, Marion native Jim Davis debut one of the most beloved comic strip characters of all time.  This comic has delighted readers ever since.  So let us say THANK YOU for giving us the beloved cat Garfield!

Thanks to Jim, Garfield has been at one time, in over 2500 newspapers world wide and held a Guinness World Record for being the most syndicated comic strip.

To say that the lovable orange cat is beloved by so many would be an understatement.  So many books, merchandise, TV shows and movies have come from the creative mind of Jim Davis.  I have always been a fan of Garfield, and bought many of the compilation books over the years.  I even had one of those suction cups Garfield that you stick in your car window.

I remember seeing Jim on the old Pat Sajak talk show where he was asked to draw Garfield while talking to Pat, and in one drawing, he drew Garfield asleep…which was the cat’s reaction to watching the Pat Sajak show.  Garfield is a National Treasure…and I believe will still be for quite some time.

As a cat owner myself I can relate to some of what Garfield is about. But reading that comic strip still puts a smile on my face.  I hope it does for you too!  So thank you again Jim Davis…for the creation of a character and comic strip that has made so many over the years smile and laugh.  Check out the video of Jim in action drawing Garfield below!

~ Tim Thomas

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