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MPD officer attacked with knife while responding to call

A Marion Police Officer was attacked with a knife after responding to an unwanted guest call in the area of Upton Court.

The incident happened on Sunday at around 10:52 p.m. when officers were flagged down in the 1600 Block of West 12th St.

Officers could see a subject hiding behind a bush in front of the residence, prompting Officer Biddle to shine his flashlight on the bush.

Thirty-two-year-old Marion resident Michelle Jimenez began to walk towards him with a knife held above her head, according to Deputy Chief Stephen Dorsey.

Officer Biddle reported that he gave a loud verbal command for Jimenez to stop and turn around and put the knife down, however, she continued to walk toward him.

She then lowered the knife and threw it at Officer Biddle striking him in the upper chest. Officer Biddle immediately deployed his Taser and tased her, which caused her to fall to the ground. Officer Biddle was uninjured in the attack.

Officers noticed that Jimenez appeared to be struggling to breathe and was convulsing. Officers removed the handcuffs and placed her on her side until the ambulance arrived. The ambulance arrived at which time the female was transported to Marion General Hospital.

Jimenez was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer with a deadly weapon, a Level 5 Felony, and a probation violation warrant.

Her bond is set at $3,510.

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