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Superintendent Deetz: Madison-Grant made no decision on transgender bathroom use

At Monday night’s Madison-Grant School Board meeting the board discussed Titles IX and VII laws regarding an announcement that a transgender student will use the restroom of their choosing at Madison-Grant High School, according to the Chronicle-Tribune.

During the meeting, the school district did not overturn its announcement regarding transgender students using the facility of their choosing.

Superintendent Scott Deetz told the Chronicle-Tribune that the board continues to receive education from its legal counsel on the matter.

Deetz also mentioned in his statement that a social media source falsely claimed Madison-Grant’s board overturned the original decision.

“What we’ve witnessed as well out on social media, whether it’s by independent community members both within Madison-Grant and outside of Madison-Grant but then also different coalitions as well as a media source within Grant County, there are a number of people stating that Madison-Grant board has overturned their actions,” Deetz said. “There was no vote. There were no decision. The only decision that was made was to continue to work with legal counsel to gain more knowledge of this matter.”

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