More Hiking…

So in our latest effort to do something and still “social distancing” from others, my kids have started to really enjoy hiking.  Growing up we always went to Salamonie State Forest.  Down below the dam is where we alway went on picnics and fishing.  But after a couple trips with the family, I thought I would try to find a new place.
The Kokiwanee Nature Preserve was our stop this past weekend.  With my two kids in tow, we headed out on the trail hoping to find a waterfall that our hiking app said was only about 3/4 of a mile along the trail.

The kids were excited.  We grabbed some snacks from home and a few bottles of water and headed out on the trail.

Now I have to tell you…just a couple years ago we tried to do a family hike.  About 10 minutes into the hike my daughter, who was probably 5 at the time was not into hiking.  And she was letting everyone within earshot know that she “WAS NOT HAVING FUN!!!”  And let us know about every two minutes.  We would try to point out pretty flowers, or a cool tree.  And we always got the response, “I AM NOT HAVING FUN!”

After saying that she has now come to love it.  The new trail we took at Kokiwanee was mildly hilly, and really nice.  With pretty streams, cools surroundings and more.  You can check out some of the pics from our trip below.

Also, let me suggest an app that will help you find places to get outdoors.

AllTrails: Trail Guides & Maps for Hiking, Camping, and Running

Try to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors!

Kokiwanee Nature Preserve Hike