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Adopting? Watch out for these pet scams amid the pandemic

Many have been adopting cats and dogs during the pandemic, but Michigan City Police want you to be aware of a potential scam if you’re trying to find a furry friend.

Scammers nationwide are targeting people looking for a pet to adopt, and while police in Michigan City say there hasn’t been a local case they want people to be aware.

Vice President of Pet Refuge, Nancy Whiteman told WSBT that during the pandemic there’s been a drastic increase in families adopting or fostering pets, but some have been exploiting it.

Scammers have been reeling people in with fake adoption websites or social media pages with cute pictures of dogs and cats for sale.

Michigan City Police Sgt. Franciso Rodriquez told WSBT that the accounts will communicate with you and respond like a normal seller, but they’ll ask for fees like charges for vaccinations and “COVID-safe” shipping.

Then they’ll call and say the animal is stuck somewhere and to get the shipping to continue you’ll have to pay more.

Whiteman says most shelters have a checklist to ensure the animal and human are compatible. During the pandemic, potential adopters have to fill out an application and be screened before setting up an appointed.

They warn not to do everything online and don’t pay before you see the dog or cat.

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