Are You A Grilling Man? What To Grill?

Hope you are enjoying the day.  I am gonna bet that during this pandemic, while you have been home, you have been doing some grilling!

Turns out for many men, grilling is not only fun, and a passion, but something we enjoy doing more than other activities that may surprise you.

According to a survey of guys who regularly grill out:

• Nearly half (48.5%) of grilling men have gone outside in their underwear to check on the grill.

Grilling men would rather grill than exercise (22%), go fishing (38%), watch sports on TV (45%), cook indoors (9%), do yard work (11%) or clean the house (4%).

Now ladies, is the man in your life a griller? Does any of this apply to them?  And why can’t we grill and watch TV at the same time?  I get the exercise part.  That isn’t fun.

So when you grill…what do you like to grill?  Steaks? Burgers? Hot Dogs? Pork? Fish?  Share your thoughts and happy grilling!