Your Dog Or Your Partner?

I am a big animal lover.  I have a simple philosophy…I like them if they like me.  I grew up with both dogs and cats in my household most of my life.  Although I do not own a dog now (just not home enough) I know that they are Man’s Best Friend and they enrich our lives.  Make us healthier.  More sociable.  And yes…great companions.

Full disclosure: I once dated a person, whom I felt cared for her dog much more than me.  The dog wasn’t a bad dog…but very untrained, and often would be in the way, and at times I felt like our relationship revolved around this dog.  It didn’t work out for a number of reasons, but yes, the dog was one of the factors.

So this survey did not surprise me at all.  A poll of adults who have dogs discovered than 1 in 3 would choose their pet over their partner if they were forced to choose.  Divorce…a break up…whatever.  And 40% admitted to showing their canine companion more affection than their loved one.

Truthfully…I am surprised this wasn’t higher.  Dogs are loyal.  They seem to be on this earth to be loyal to their humans…protect them, and give them comfort whenever it is needed.  As a pet owner myself, I know that I would do almost anything to make sure my pets were healthy…even if it meant I had to sacrifice my own well being.  Their lives are shorter than ours…but they make our lives so much better.

So if a relationship seems to hinge on your partner or your pet…well don’t be surprised if the dog gets chosen over you.  I think many of us would do the same.  But do try and balance the affection…you partner needs love too.   🙂