Hide Your Beer!

While we are still getting some sunny skies and warm weather, perhaps you like to chill on your porch or deck, and enjoy a cold beer.  Perhaps at a family gathering.  Well, watch where you put that beer!

The parts of the brew that come from hops can break down under the sun’s rays, resulting in an instant skunky taste, according to Men’s Health.

• Box it up. Store your beer in a covered cooler. If you set an opened beer down, place it in the shade.

• Choose bottles by their color. Dark-brown bottles protect beer the best. Under sunlight, beer in green or clear bottles can sour in minutes. (Some brewers, such as MillerCoors, diminish the effect by using light-resistant hops.)

• Store it cold. At room temperature, beer lasts for about 3 months before it’s clearly oxidized (that is, tastes stale). In a fridge it should stay good for a year. But hopefully you’ll have drunk it by then.

Follow these steps and you should be in good shape.  Cheers!


~ Tim Thomas