Indiana Wesleyan University announces program to help make university more affordable to Grant County residents

Indiana Wesleyan University is pleased to announce the Grant County Promise aimed to provide financial assistance to the graduates of a Grant County High School – or residents of Grant County, including those who graduate from a Christian school or Homeschool – who are entering IWU’s Marion Campus as a full-time and first-time incoming freshman. Students meeting admission requirements along with the Grant County Promise eligibility requirements will receive a minimum of $10,000 per year from IWU in the form of gift aid.

IWU created the Grant County Promise to make the cost of attending the university more affordable for local families. Tuition at the Marion campus is 20% less than the average tuition for all Indiana Independent Colleges and 5% less than other regional Christian Colleges. The combination of the Grant County Promise, along with potential federal and state of Indiana aid opportunities, makes IWU an even more affordable option as students from across Grant County seek to earn their college degree.

“We love the city of Marion and Grant County and want to serve our families well in this area,” said Dr. Rod Reed, chancellor of IWU’s Marion campus. “We want families to know that Indiana Wesleyan University is an affordable option for them to earn an excellent college education close to home. I encourage our county students to submit their applications free of charge and learn how IWU can help them become part of the Wildcat family.”

Emily Mattison, Executive Director of Financial Services, said that students may receive more

than $10,000 from IWU based on scholarship and grant eligibility criteria. Outside sources, such as Federal Pell grants and Indiana State Aid, will be added on top of the Grant County Promise. “Students will be considered for all sources of gift aid they are eligible to receive from IWU as their aid offer is being calculated,” said Mattison. “We desire for IWU to be an affordable option to Grant County residents.”

The IWU Grant County Promise will first be available to the incoming freshman class on the residential campus beginning in the fall of 2021. The admission application process is now open and students are encouraged to apply to IWU as soon as possible by visiting where they can submit their information through either the IWU application or the Common App.