How To Pick The Perfect Pumpkin

It’s that time of year for pumpkin carving.  Happy Halloween!

So if you plan on carving one this year, you want to pick out the best ones you can.  Here are some steps to help!

Choose a pumpkin with a stem at least 1 to 2 inches long. Never carry it by the stem.

Avoid pumpkins with holes, cuts or soft spots. These areas will decay.

Use the thumbnail test. Press your thumbnail into the pumpkin, if your nail makes a scratch in the pumpkin, do not select.

Color is also important. Light-colored pumpkins are easier to carve because the skin is not as hard as darker ones, but they will not keep as well.

Before carving or display, wash the pumpkin with warm water and let it dry. The pumpkin will last longer in a cool place. After carving, coat the inside of the pumpkin and the cuts with petroleum jelly. A pumpkin cut for Halloween will last seven to 10 days depending on weather conditions.

Avoid using candles to light a pumpkin because the heat will cook the flesh, shortening its lifespan.

I am Tim Thomas, and I am here to help!  Happy carving!