It’s National Monopoly Game Day!

Today is a day where we celebrate one of the most popular board games of all time.  It is National Monopoly Day!  So lets talk about it.

The game of Monopoly was inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame in 1998 and has been played by more than 1 billion people world wide.  It hit the market in 1935.  But the game was first thought of by a woman.

Long before Charles Darrow sold his game to Parker Brothers, a woman named Lizzie Magie acquired a patent in 1904 for a Landlord’s Game which was similar to the Monopoly game we know today. In Magie’s game, players moved around a board buying properties and paying rent. Sound familiar? Years later, in 1933, Charles Darrow would make a few tweaks to Magie’s idea and eventually sell the game to Parker Brothers in 1935.  Ironically, Parker Brothers initially turned down the game.

For a few more interesting facts that you may not have known about the game you can click HERE for more info, including how the game pieces came to be.

Considering how many of us were quarantined for a while, and may still be to some extent, board games have become more popular.  This is still the most popular board game and it can last a while.  The fact that it’s popularity has lasted this long, is a true test to its enjoyment.  And how many versions have you seen?  I still have a millennium limited edition that I probably should dig out.  And perhaps today is the day to block out an hour or two and play the game with the family.

Good luck! And don’t be afraid to Go To Jail.  It may be a winning strategy! Check out the link to find out why.


~ Tim Thomas