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Madison-Grant forms partnership to create full-time virtual learning

Madison-Grant United School Corporation announces its partnership with ACCEL to begin offering full-time virtual learning at the start of the 2021-22 school year.  Programming is planned for grades K-10th grade and will be provided in a fully virtual setting. The virtual school will follow all Indiana state requirements in curriculum, as well as teacher education and certification.

Madison-Grant superintendent Dr. Scott Deetz says of the partnership, “We were fortunate enough to already have a robust set up last year when the COVID-19 pandemic began.  However, we find we will absolutely have the need for a full-time virtual program going forward.  We needed to add programming and resources to continue offering the same great in-person and virtual experience for our students.”  Dr. Deetz says choosing the right partner with integrity and experience was important in this process.  “We wanted to make sure whoever we partnered with had a proven track record, and also the integrity to ensure we provided the best experience possible for our community.  We consulted with our team and parents as we moved forward in this process with a district-level committee.  It was a unanimous decision to move forward.”

ACCEL offers virtual programming for over 40 schools, with a full-time staff focused on virtual learning. The new virtual partnership will provide opportunities for students and relieve the pressure of team members who track the learning of both in-person and virtual students this school year.  Dr. Deetz says, “The amount of work for our teachers to offer parallel virtual and in-person learning has been tremendous.  They have done a fantastic job, yet we know if we wanted to continue offering this service we needed to find a partner who focuses solely on the delivery of virtual learning.  This will allow our virtual students more opportunity, and our students who attend in person a whole new catalog of offerings they may be able to take part in virtually.  As we build the program, we’ll have those resources available to individualize their learning.”

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