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10 Wacky Laws Indiana Still Has on the Books

Every state still has some laws on the books that are outdated and wacky. Indiana is no exception. Last night on TikTok I saw a video talking about how kissing with a mustache in Indiana is illegal. So I hit the Googles and found that to be true. Here are 1o laws that are on the books in Indiana that are wacky according to ConnorReporting.

  1. Anyone who owns a mustache can’t habitually kiss someone- I think they are trying to say it’s illegal for folks with mustaches to kiss… that’s crazy talk! I guess they want clean shaved folks in Indiana!
  2. “Drinks on the House,” are illegal in Indiana- No one can give away drinks? I think this only applies to restaurant workers… but I’m not sure!
  3. The mathematical value of PI in Indiana is JUST 3! The rest of the world recognizes PI as 3.14 but here… just 3! Hummmmm I wonder how that works on standardized testing. Also, do teachers go to jail if they teach their students otherwise?
  4. You can’t take a bath between October and March- I’m not sure how this one is inforced… and I’m not sure I want to know!
  5. You can’t catch a fish with a crossbow- Bow fishing is fun with a compound… I’ve never heard of it being done with a crossbow. I can totally see why this is illegal.
  6. It’s illegal for you to enter a movie house, theater, or public streetcar within four hours of eating garlic. Apparently, folks from Indiana are against garlic breath. This isn’t a good thing for me, because I cook with so much garlic!
  7. You would be breaking the law if you ate watermelon in the park at Beech Grove. So… double check your picnic basket for watermelon before you head there.
  8. Barbers can’t threaten to cut off a child’s ear in Elkhart-I think this goes back to the straight razor days. Also, I feel like that’s a little harsh to threaten to cut off someone’s ear.
  9. State Government representatives can’t engage in private duels otherwise they will be dismissed from their position- So is this like real duels… or just verbal duels… hummmmm!
  10. Lastly… You can’t force a Monkey to smoke- There are Monkeys in Indiana? Humm another interesting one!

So are these laws real… or is someone pulling my leg? Help a girl learn her new state!

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