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TikTok Video of the Day: Adult Fort With a Purpose

Happy Friday! The weekend is almost here friend! We are all kids at heart and that’s why I thought this TikTok video was appropriate for today!

This weekend might be a tad hot and if you want to cool off in a way that reminds you of your childhood, this might be a great idea.

This person on TikTok took a duvet cover and put a fan at the zipper part of the cover. They let it fill up with air and it looks like a fort. You literally could crawl in there and hang out. It’s a great idea because you’ll have a nice airflow. Also the bigger the duvet cover the more folks you can fit in it!

My brothers and I use to make forts in our living room all the time, so this reminds me of my childhood. You are never too old to be a kid again and have some fun!


Tried our this hack where you set up your fan inside your bedcover!! 🥵☀️ #heat #summer #hot #fan #bedcover #lifehack #foryou #fyp #dutch #hack #try

♬ All TikTok Mashup (JVKE – Upside Down) – JVKE

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