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Around 2% of Americans Have NEVER Washed Their Pillowcases

Adulting is super hard. Luckily I have some amazing parents who walk me through every little hurdle I have ever been through. My mom is kind of a germaphobe so she uses to wash our bedding all the time and clean the house all the time growing up. I have not taken after my mom. I try and wash my bedding once a month, and clean once a week but sometimes that doesn’t work out.

A survey done by YouGov asked folks how often they wash their pillowcases. Around 2% of Americans have said they have never washed their pillowcases. The most common answer was once a week. Man… I’m really slacking if that is the case. My once-a-month isn’t cutting it.

Goodhousekeeper claims that you should wash your pillowcases every two weeks. They say that way you can get all the germs out of them in a perfect time.

It looks like I’m going to have to change my adulting plan… or just get a second pair of sheets so I can swap them out more often.

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