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10 Common Things We Forget When We Go on Vacation

Packing for vacation can be stressful. I know I usually lay stuff out two days before, then I pack it. After that, I’ll double-check my bag, but I still end up forgetting stuff. A survey done by SWNS found the ten most common things we forget when we go on vacation. Let’s see if you agree!

  1. Toiletries– I always forget a contact case or a razor. Not sure why I do this. Others forget their toothbrush or toothpaste, makeup, or shower supplies.
  2. Medications, debit cards, cash, or traveler’s checks– Knock on wood… I’ve never left these before
  3. Phone Charger– It’s so easy to forget it especially if you used it the night before.
  4. Underwear– Another easy one to forget especially when you are thinking just about your appearance on the outside for the trip.
  5. Shoes– I’ve forgotten a specific type of shoes before. I’m normally in boots all the time, so sometimes I’ll forget running shoes or flip-flops.
  6. Sunglasses– When I fly, I totally forget these! I know… it should be easy to remember.
  7. Bathing Suit– It depends on where you are going… I’m not much of a swimmer, so this one hasn’t been an issue.
  8. Sunblock– I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to buy it at the hotel because I left it at home or couldn’t bring it because I just brought a carry-on.
  9. Headphones– These days headphones are so small they are easy to forget because they are so small. There’s nothing worse than not having them on your flight.
  10. Specific clothing items– There was one time I was going back to Colorado to see my family in May. I only pack summer clothes and it snowed. That was so bad.

Have you forgotten any of these items before? What did you do?

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