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TikTok Video of the Day: Lemon or Line With Your Adult Beverage

I feel like being a bartender can be super hard. Sometimes you are super slow, others, life is crazy and you have to know how to make all these drinks. I’ve always wondered when I order drinks why they either use a lemon or they use a lime. Apparently, there isn’t a written rule when to use one over the other, but there are some guidelines.

This TikToker decided to explain a common practice of when to use a lemon and when to use a lime. He says you have to know your alcohol because limes add the flavor to the end of the drink whereas the lemon adds it to the front. When using a lime you want to pair it with things like tequila and rum. Lemons you want to pair with whiskey and other harder liquors. Check out this video for more!


Lemon vs. Lime in a Cocktail #cocktail #alcoholtok #mixology #bartender #whiskey #mixingdrinks

♬ original sound – Gavin Wallace

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