TikTok Video of the Day: Mid-West BBQ Must Have

It has been so cool being able to travel the country and see all these new places! I’ve learned that each place has its own ways of life and practices.

Last night on TikTok I found a funny video talking about Mid-West BBQ’s. I’ve spent a lot of time in the Mid-West lately and couldn’t agree more with this video!

The guy was talking about how at every Mid-West BBQ, there’s always a pan of those bars that have rice crispies and butterscotch and even chocolate on top! Just about every BBQ I’ve been to in the Mid-West has had them and they are amazing. But what are they called? Humm… If you know, please tell me because it is driving me insane not knowing what to call them!


For real though Rice Krispies or Special K 🤔

♬ original sound – You Betcha

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