TikTok Video of the Day: Jason Aldean Pulls Prank on Luke Bryan

Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan are good friends and even have a hunting company together called Buck Commander. Well, those two like to pull pranks on each other all the time. Their pranks are always hilarious.

I came across their latest prank on TikTok and had to share. Jason Aldean and their crew decided they were going to pull a prank on Luke Bryan while they were hunting. Aldean and the crew put a live rat into Bryan’s backpack. Bryan takes it like a champ and even embarrasses the little guy… even after the mouse bites him. Check out this video and let us know what you are thinking!


Check out the surprise Luke Bryan finds in his backpack 😂 🐀 #BuckCommander #LukeBryan #Hunting #Prank @lukebryan

♬ original sound – Buck Commander


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