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TikTok Video of the Day: Mid-West Snow Day Workout

I will be the first to say that I’m not complaining that we haven’t got much snow yet. The first snow is great but after that… it just gets annoying!

Well… there are some positive people out there that try and find the best in the snow! This TikToker has created the ultimate snow day workout. This can be completed from the comfort of your front yard. I was laughing the whole time I was watching this video because this is all stuff I’ve done to get a workout in when it snows. Let us know if you will try it out or not!


Broken Shovel —> Snow Day Workout! #snow #snowday #snowy #snowstorm #schoolsout #friday #friyay #workout #workouts #homeworkout #fyp

♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

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