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TikTok Video of the Day: Mortgages For Women That Are First Time Home Buyers

On this episode of things we learned on TikTok… we are talking about major adulting stuff. Buying a house… For a hot second, I thought about it a few months ago but decided against it. Financing is scary and the thought of having to deal with everything that comes with being a homeowner scared me. Well… if you are a single woman looking to make the leap apparently there are options for you.

This TikToker talks about Mortgages that are available for single women looking to take those steps. Apparently, these mortgages aren’t talked about much. I’ve never heard of them, but am going to do some investigating because I have a strange feeling, I’m going to be taking those steps really soon. If you have looked into it, did you find out much about it?

@Mortgages for Women

Women Home Buyers

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