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TikTok Video of the Day: Tortilla Challenge

There are so many challenges floating around TikTok it’s not even funny. The one that’s gone viral over the past few days, I’ve actually seen for a few months now, but everyone is talking about it so we are going to explore it.

TikTokers are doing the Tortilla Challenge. This is when you get water and fill your mouth with it. Someone else does the same thing. You face each other and slap one another with a tortilla. The goal is to get the other person to spit out their water. I’m not going to lie… my brothers and I did something like this when we were kids. The only difference was… we weren’t as nice with the slaps! Have you tried this challenge yet or will you do it?


#tortilla #tortillatrend #challenge #friendships #bestbuds #hilarious #tiktokcanada

♬ original sound – Patti Mac

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