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TikTok Video of The Day: Two-Year-Old Hits Ball Off Of A Tee Better Than Most Adults

There are some really athletic kids out there. My parents have videos of me kicking a soccer ball around their back yard at the age of two. By no means was I any Mia Hamm, but you could tell I was going to be an athletic kid.

Last night I was scrolling on TikTok and came across this two-year-old that was practicing batting for tee-ball. He was using a normal-sized bat and was hitting better than most adults could. I was shocked to see that kind of control from a kiddo that young. His parents better watch out because they are going to have quite the athlete when he gets older.


My TWO year old baby brother. Guess it runs in the family! #juniorslugger #baseballfamily #babybrother #baseballfuturestar

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