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Paisley’s Unnecessary Advice: Have Fun But… NOT TOO MUCH FUN

Knowing your limits and boundaries in life is very important. I can’t believe these words are coming out of my mouth and being typed on the internet. It’s very important to have fun… but not too much fun that something bad happens.

Last night I made the decision to stay up past my bedtime…venture out to Monroeville… hang out in a random cornfield with 30,000 people… and listen to country music. The rest of the world called it Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour. To be honest, the people watching was amazing. Some folks were having a lot of fun while others had too much fun! How can you have too much fun? We’ll one person was so drunk near the stage, that Luke had to stop mid-song to call emergency personnel over to help them. There were quite a few others that were carried out on stretchers. Friend, I want you to remember events like that, so know your limits and have fun… but not too much.

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