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Paisley’s Unnecessary Advice: Have Work Life Balance

Sometimes I think to myself… life is so backward. We spend our younger years working our life away and then when we get old we have all time in the world. I was talking to my grandfather the other night and he gave me the best advice ever. He told me you have to have a job to pay the bills, but you need to have a life and experience things.

Coming from someone who has experienced burnout twice in their life… work-life balance is very important. Most of the time you won’t make memories at work. You’ll make memories with family, with friends, at events, on vacation, and not in an office. When you agree to a job, you agree to work a certain number of hours a week for a certain pay. Employers may want you to do more, but technically you aren’t obligated to. Put your happiness first friend because you are the most important thing.

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