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Paisley’s Unnecessary Advice: Being The Bigger Person Isn’t Always Easy… But It’s Worth It


That devil and angel on my shoulder have been fighting a lot lately. I’ve definitely let the devil win one time too many lately… which is totally out of character for me. Being the bigger person isn’t always easy but in the long run… it’s better.

I’ve had a situation in my life lately where I’m dealing with someone who is turning me into a monster. This person has been so triggered that I was plotting rude conversations and ways to point out their flaws. That’s not who I am. I’m a happy-go-lucky person that loves everyone. So… after my mother shot me straight on the situation… I’ve decided kindness and love is the only answer to this situation and that’s what I’m doing because I need to be able to live with my decisions. Even though the other plan sounds better… being the bigger person will win in the end!

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