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Paisley’s Unnecessary Advice: Sometimes Taking Advice From A Six-Year-Old Is the Best Thing To Do


I have a friend that is six years old. You are probably like “Paisley… that’s creepy!” Well, it’s not because I was friends with her parents before we became friends. She likes to call me and tell me about all the big things that happen in her life. The other day her family went to the pumpkin patch and she had to tell me about them taking family pictures and picking out the biggest pumpkin she could find. During that conversation, she asked me what I did all day. I proceed to tell her, I got up and went to work, came home… ate dinner, and went to bed. In her cute little voice, she said, “Paisley, you need to stop being an adult so much and you need to go to the pumpkin patch.” Later in our conversation, she told me that I haven’t been a fun friend lately and that needs to change. Her mom later apologized for how honest her daughter was being with me. I told her mom… no I’m extremely grateful for that conversation. It made me realize… I need to have more fun in my life! So here I am taking some of the best advice from a six-year-old!

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