Big John

Big John is a Country music fan that got the chance to have his dream job. Outside of being a performer himself, there is nothing else he would rather do than host a morning show on the BEST country station around.
Big John’s been waking you up for over 13 years now.  Not only do you get great music, but also news, weather, school delays, and fun. Growing up in Blackford County, Big John grew up listening to WCJC. Now he has a family of his own. He loves to shoot 3-D Archery, bowl, ride 4-wheelers, and play video games. But with a 9 year old, and a 6 year old in the house, all he really has time to do is play with his son Eli and his daughter, Leah. Here on his page, check out his Blog (which he doesn’t have the chance to update that often) and find out more about the contests he plays weekday mornings from 5-10.

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Check out his podcast – Off The Record